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كود خصم ايس صالح على الأثاث المنزلي والمستلزمات الكهربائية ومستلزمات الحدائق والتخييم والعدد اليدوية لا يوجد حد أدني لقيمة الطلب...More
  • كود خصم ايس صالح على الأثاث المنزلي والمستلزمات الكهربائية ومستلزمات الحدائق والتخييم والعدد اليدوية
  • لا يوجد حد أدني لقيمة الطلب ولا حد أقصى للخصم باستخدام هذا الكوبون
  • كود خصم ايس لا يطبق على الالكترونيات ولا المنتجات المخفضة أو العروض
  • كوبون خصم إيس غير فعال على المنتجات المشمولة بالتركيب المجاني أو الضمان المجاني

Ace or Ace-hardware  is one of the top stores affiliated with Al-Futtaim Group and specializes in selling everything necessary for home, garden, camping, entertainment supplies, tools, electronics, and others. ACE promo code gives you a special discount on your purchases from ACE online store in the UAE. ACE offers many exclusive offers and discounts in various shopping seasons, so that you can get the desired products at the lowest prices by using the Ace Hardware discount code from RezkakShop. Your shopping experience at ACE store for furniture, household supplies, and tools will be money-saving with the available discount codes.

What products does ACE store sell in the UAE?

ACE store in the UAE is your window to buy everything related to home furnishings, electronics, electrical appliances, kitchen supplies, garden supplies, camping and barbecue, and the most important categories offered by the ACE store are the following:

Garden Furniture, Grills & Grills, Camping & Outdoor Equipment, Garden Storage, Garden Power Tools, Garden Hand Tools, Garden Irrigation Systems, Landscaping Supplies, Garden Décor, Potting & Gardening, Pest Control Supplies Outdoor Lighting, Pools & Tubs Children’s Play Outdoors, Garden Essentials, Coolers & Umbrellas.

Plumbing supplies, Work clothes and safety tools, Flooring, Workshop work tables, All DIY tools, Hand tools and equipment, Hand carts, Luggage trolleys, Electrical tools, Ladders, Wood, construction wood, plastic, and safety equipment, Tool storage boxes and supplies.

Large household appliances, personal care supplies, small kitchen appliances, household appliances.

Home Storage Supplies, Home Furniture, Cooking & Dining Supplies, Laundry & Cleaning Supplies, Bath Supplies, Linens, Food Storage, Home Décor, Lighting Decorations.

Ace products
Ace promo code – ace products

Is ACE discount code applicable to all products of ACE online store?

ACE discount code will give you an additional discount on most products of the ACE online store when shopping from the UAE. However, ACE promo code does not apply to the products included in the offers and discounts, and the ACE discount code does not apply when shopping for electronic items.

Terms of using ACE discount code?

ACE discount coupon from RezkakShop applies to eligible products without a minimum order value, and without a maximum discount limit. Meaning that you can now get an unlimited discount when purchasing eligible products from the Ace online store in the UAE

Will return and exchange policy be affected by using Ace promo code?

The exchange and return policy in the ACE store in the UAE has nothing to do with the use of the Ace promo code from RezkakShop, and in the event that you want to return one of the goods from your purchases from the store, you will be able to redeem the money that you paid for that item after obtaining the discount using the discount code .

Ace Hardware Coupon code application
Activation of Ace discount code

Payment methods when shopping from ACE Hardware online store?

After choosing the products you want to buy and adding them to the shopping cart in the ACE online store, after that you can get your discount using the ACE discount code, after that you must fill in the delivery data and choose the appropriate payment method for you.

ACE offers you several payment methods:

  • Payment using bank cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Pay with Apple Pay.
  • Cash on delivery.